Ratangad Thrilling Trek in Sahyadri

Ratangad is an important fort in Ghanchakkar ranges near Igatpuri. The base village Ratanwadi has a beautiful Amruteshwar temple which is famous for its carvings. The fort is origin for the river Pravara. The Bhandardara dam is built on this river. Main attraction on Ratangad is the ‘Nedhe’, the natural hole in wall of the mountain. One can go & sit in it & see beautiful views around. The Khutta pinnacle which is adjacent to Ratangad is also worth seeing. The origin of Pravara river is at about 45 mins distance from Nedhe.

Enroute to Ratangad through Rice field near Ratanwadi

Bell Like flower on way to Ratangad

Umbrella water fall

Small size flowers are found in multitude on the way

The ladder climbing is the thrillering experience

Small Citadel on Ratangad it has steps to climb up

Grass Leaves with rain drops over it

Kutta Pinacle seen from Nedhe

This is called Nature

Main Entrance of Rantangad after climbing the ladder

Fog has covered the hill near by

Panoramic View of Bhandardara Dam Area

Ratna Devi Temple inside Cave

Ratan gad is a huge fort in the beautiful bhandardara region near Nashik(Nasik) district AhmedNagar, it lies near harishchandragad and kalsubai peak. It lies 20 kms away from the bhandardara dam and 4255 feet high.There is a temple of Ratna Devi in cave at top of fort.
The base village is also by same name called Ratanwadi where the beautiful temple shiva is situated.
The enroute to fort is very full of lush greenery with different small flower and insects
which is treat to photographers.
The Most thrilling part of this trek is climbling the two ladders and narrow staircase type entrance (ghal in marathi).It is not advise to look down in the valley which is very scaring but it is not that difficult. But crossing this we land to entrance of fort and here on is the paradise follow . The Ratangad at top has a citadel and Nedhe (natural hole to the hill)
hole in mountain from which one can have a good view of Kalsubai Peak , kotha Pinacle, Alang etc mountains.After declining from Nedhe towards the main entrance
comes the ugam of Pavara River which is Cirsten and also Ratna Devi temple in a cave.The cave near Ratnadevi temple is used for overnight stay.
The whole Ratangad is covered with green grass which has little blue flowers and as water cistern too.
The panoramic view of Bhandardara Dam area is really enticing

It take about 3 hrs to climb and 2.5 hrs to decend down

Things to carry :-

1. Good sack to pack all your belongings.
2. Lunch for the day.
3. Water bottle of 1.5 liter (At least 1).
4. Extra pair of clothes to change.
5. Personal medicines.
6. Raincoat or Windcheeter (If you don’t want to enjoy rains)
7. Camera (Optional)
8. Umbrella for camera.
9. Do not carry excessive cash or wear costly ornaments


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