Vasai (Bassein) Fort and Churches in fort

Vasai, also called Bassein,lies about 48 kms north of Mumbai just across the Ulhas River.
The fort in the old city was the headquarter of the Portuguese in the north, next in importance to Goa. The coastal land-fort of Vasai was surrounded by sea on three sides and to the landside it had a moat which was filled by sea-water. Its 4.5kms long strong stone wall had 11 bastions. The fort had two gates – the westward land-gate. There was also a small citadel in the fort. Well – equipped with water-tanks, store-houses, armoury, etc., the fort also had fields for growing grains and vegetables. All the old structures inside the wall are now in ruins.

Currently the Holy name church is being renovated by Archaeological society of India , but the side walls which are renovated (plastered) have lost the historic touch.

Holy Name Of Jesus also known as Jesuits Chruch / currently known by local people as Ghonsalo Church is being renovated by ASI,this is the only church which is in good condition with top roof intact till now.

The facade of church as beautiful carvings on it

Carving at bottom of entrance

Vacant Altar

Roof which is maintained recently by ASI

Top structure seems to be for the church bell

Name Of this Church :- The Church Of Our Lady of Life,it is in very bad condition
just the skeleton of church is present rest everything is worn out

The main entrance

Inside the Our Lady of Life church

Entrance from side has IHS carved at top, IHS mark means the Holy Trinity.

View of fort wall which is very width and high.

Wall of fort is covered with tree


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