Names of forts in Thane district,Maharashtra

------- (Thane Region)--- Currently use as Thasidar office/ Police station ....
build by portuguese .... Portuguese give it name as "Diamond Fort".... Very Few monuments left there (searching of the same will require permission and later on lots of hard work...)
One of the best Structure in the History if forts.
------ (Ghodbundar road) ---- Only 2-3 sided walls maek a part of remains here.... the total fort is bad situation due to the local reti business  .... The fort is at a peculiar location and has a nice view too.

Gaymukh Gadi
------ (Ghodbundar road) ----- One single wall makes the fort survive..... all the fort walls are damaged the fort is situated at Thane Ghodbundar road ....In Bad Very Condition.

Godbunder Fort
--------    (Ghodbundar road) ----- fort is a in a very good state comparing to others, Local people are working at the best to save the same, a nearby school organises various events so that the place is vocal and know to everybody has a historic place but other part of local people have starting constructing encroachments near or in fort region.... Local school members try their best to protect these,also they r trying to conserve it .... 

 (Ghodbundar road) ----- Only 2-3 wall remains here.... We already contact with local people for new project on fort real history.... fort location is too nice

Kharbavkot  (Bhivandi Region) ------ Only 1 Wall (Buruj) remaining as fort .... close to the local hospital.... People call it as fort remains.

Vasai Killa (Bassein Fort)
(Vasai) -------- Best Best (Kille Vasai Mohim) This is the headquarters of Kille Vasai Mohim first 53 forts to be qonquered.

 (Vasai) ------- Fort has history back to nearly 800 - 1000 yrs ..... Local people have constructed Datta Temple on it (Private Property) .... monuments are in bad conditions (the wall is totally demolished)

Arnala Killa
(Virar) ---- Kille Vasai Mohim started work at fort, drawing maps, conservation activity, history writtings etc. work on monthly basis (Kille Vasai Mohim)

 (Virar) ---- Only 1 Wall remain (Due construction of Jivadhani Temple all fort monuments damage in very great extent)Fort has history back to nearly 800 - 1000 yrs
Location Best One. Please keep this information to you itself. If distributed the alone monument can face consequences of the same.

Dathivare Killa
(Saphale) ----- No monument left (Not a single stone) Local people have constructed Light on the same monument.

Tarapur Fort : Tarapur fort built by Portuguese and won by Marathas

(Saphale)  ------- Fort maps drawing and finding of real history of fort, history nearly 800-1000 yrs back  (Kille Vasai Mohim). There is a beautiful water tank at the top accumalating pure drinking water. Consisting of a small temple creating a good environment.

Kelwe Janjira
Kelve Janjira, You can walk down at the time of low tide. Also you have to climb wall to enter in the fort. . A ship like creation. The place to be.

Kelwe Kot
 ------- In bad condition only becoz of Visitores come to kelve beach(Kille Vasai Mohim) . 
Mahim fort near sea in Thane district built by Portuguese. 

Kelwe Bandar Pakhadi
-------- One walls remain, mohim start to draw a map of that location with old maps available with us (Kille Vasai Mohim)

Kelwe Custom Kot
-------- We have to research on it , still waiting for real map of it (Kille Vasai Mohim)

Danda Killa
 -------- First we prepared map of it , location is best Plan ready & contact with local people to start work(Kille Vasai Mohim)

Mahim Killa
Mahim Bhuikot) :Mahim fort near sea in Kelve Mahim near Palghar in Thane district built by Portuguese.

Sirgaon Killa
-------- fort is in Good Conditions, just we have to prepare real history details, we already collect most of details with all pictures of fort old & new too (Kille Vasai Mohim) 

Beautiful watch tower in Shirgaon fort near Palghar in Thane district. This fort was built by Portuguese and later won by Marathas.

Manor Killa
 -------- No monument left (Not a single stone)

These all forts won by Great Maratha during Vasai Mohim (i.e. war to win 53-54 forts)(Period-1737 To 1739)
All forts won / plan lead by Great Maratha Narvir Chimaji Aappa Peshwa
Nearly 53-54 Forts won by maratha during these Mohim (1737-1739)
Area Covered totally Thane Region (Where Portuguese have a strong support from there all fort)
most of these forts near to Costal area / Sea area
but now days due to urbanization / lack of fort awareness most of forts causing big damage also, most fort consists remains as small walls / some monuments etc.
most of these forts does not have entry into governments historical monuments..
Local people don't know that these are forts / also don't know proper history.. 

Jawahar Fort

St paul church Nanbhat and Pasaydhan Nala,Vasai

St paul church Nanbhat and Pasaydhan Nala,Vasai

Suleshwar temple,Nirmal,Vasai

Suleshwar temple,Nirmal,Vasai

Holy cross church, Nirmal ,Vasai

Holy cross church, Nirmal ,Vasai , is one of the oldest church in vasai,it
is up on hill.

Umbralla village ,sopara

St Joseph church and Umadevi temple are in umbralla village

Sopara is historic town

Sopara is historic town, it was famous interantional market
was connected with
port (bunder) which was used to carry raw material and finished goods
even before
portuguese rule.
The old name of Sopara is Shurparaka.It is well said in history that
it was well connected
with routes from kalyan , naneghat etc.
Even today Sopara is very good market place for vegatable.
The chakereshwar temple is there near lake , there are some beautifull
carving statues
outside the temple.

For info on sopara

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