This 104 sq km protected area of forested hills, on
the city's northern fringe, has some interesting
flora, birdlife and butterflies, a small population
of wild leopards and a fenced area with captive
tigers, including two white tigers. It's a great
asset to have within the city limits - the only
national park in India with a city postcode - but
it's under serious threat from urban encroach-
ment, and the public areas close to the
entrance are littered and unkempt. Just inside
the main northern entrance is an information
centre with a small exhibition on the park's
wildlife. The best time to see birds is October to
April and butterflies August to November. For
many visitors (mostly Indian families) the main
attraction is the lion and tiger safari. These
depart from the tiger orientation centre (a free
display explaining the demise of the tiger),
about 1km in from the main entrance. Safari
buses leave roughly every 20 minutes from 9am
to 12.40pm and 2pm to 5.20pm daily except
Monday.   Another major attraction in the park
are the 109 Kanheri Caves


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