BHIMA SHANKAR Rainy Trek around Mumbai - Pune

Bhimashankar is located on the lateral edge of a broad hilltop in the main Sahyadri mountains range at a height of about 3500 feet above sea level in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. Bhimashankar, a paradise destination for pilgrims, trekkers, nature lovers, jungle lovers and bird spectator due to Jyotirlingam (pilgrim centre) and Wildlife sanctuary. It is also a very good hill station. Bhimashankar is definitely one of God's choicest creations.

How to reach Bhimashankar from Mumbai : The route is - Mumbai - Kalyan - Murbad - Junnar - Bhimashankar via Malshej Ghat. The distance is about 260 kms.
From Chembur, Thane and Kalyan bus terminus, State Transport (ST) Buses are available for Bhimashankar and are running with good frequency.

The other route is trekkers favourite one. From Mumbai, travel by a train to Karjat. Take a bus from Karjat to village Khandas (14 kms), Khandas is at the base of Bhimashankar. From Khandas, one has to cross a stream nearby. Here onwards two ways are available for Bhimashankar, one via Shidighat, while other via Ganesh Ghat. The distance is of about 11 kms. These routes are wonderful, difficult but adventurous to reach the top. (For trekkers only)


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