Varadaraja Perumal Temple Gopuram- Kancheepuram

The vaishnavite Varadaraja perumal temple stands within a huge walled temple complex in the far southeast of town of Kancheepuram, guarded by high gates topped with gopurams. The temple has two high towers, one in the east (which is much larger than the other) and the other in the west.

Also known as Devarajaswamy temple, it is absolutely massive and impressive edifice. The shrine of Devarajaswamy is located on an elephant-shaped rock called Hastagiri. The inner sanctum has splendid lingams, carvings and well-preserved paintings.

There is an elaborate sixteenth-century pillared hall close to the western entrance gate. The 1000 pillared hall has interesting and highly detailed sculptures. The outer columns of pillars of this mandapa are sculpted as lions, and warriors rearing horses, to celebrate the military dynamism of the Vijayanagaras, who believed their competence was inspired by the influence of Shakti.

Images from Kerela


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