Churchgate - Dahanu local train timetable

Churchgate - Dahanu local train  is expected to start soon.

Mamacha Gaon Resort Boisar

Mamacha Gaon is fully equipped   with swimming pool, indoor  games, bullock cart ride, rain
     dance & facility like trekking  on a nearby mountain.

Mamacha Gaon is an ideal place. Which have Children park, Rain dance, Bullock cart Ride & Indoor games like Carrom
     etc. which will involve your kids for  hours & hours !

How to reach Mamacha Gaon
     Village Gundale, Near Godavari
     Stone Crusher,
     Karvela Pada, Boisar (E).,
     Tel: (02525) 327067

Bird (Flamingo) Watching at Sewri creek, Mumbai

Best Time: November to March

How to reach: Sewri Bay is North North-east of the Gateway of India
and if you drive on the Shahid Bhagat Singh Road along the coast you
will reach the Bay. Access is easier if you take a suburban train to
Sewri Station. The road directly east of the station leads towards the

Low cost Hosing project










Lavasa Lake City Near Lonavala

Like all great ideas, Lavasa seemed like an impossible dream at first. Take a closer
look and you'll realize that this is the future of living, at India's first planned hill city.

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