Agashi Bhujing :- A Chicken Poha Dish

Bhujing is Chicken Poha Dish  famous in Virar Vasai Region particularly Agashi Umargothan.

below video of how to make bhujing

Agro tourism @ Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra.

Rohini Kripa , an opening to the country side , wake up to the dawn chorus , inhale your fill of pure country air , discover the serene pastures , see the sun rise on quite , rustic peaceful and green existence . It takes us back to our culture of oneness with the environment Away from the buzz and din of the city ,

in the lush green environs ,
is situated Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra.

With its paranomic surrounding pool and hospitable environs ,

Rohini Krushi paryatan is an ideal place for 
moments of peace and solitude.

Come to the RohiniKripa and be a peasant for a day.
Experience the beauty of the routine tasks that takes you to the very 
beginning of simple things that make our life harmonious.

How to reach

Post Karanjon,
Shiravali-Vajreshwari Road,
6808406, 9890376323,
check in : Anytime check out : Anytime
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