zenith waterfall , Khopoli

Zenith waterfall Unseen beauty

Zenith Waterfall

ZENITH FALLS, KHOPOLI This is close next to Lonavala’s waterfalls in popularity. So expect to see many picnickers here.
The waterfall’s known to be heavy, so if you expect to just wet yourself with trickles, then this isn’t the spot for you.
How to reach Zenith WaterFall :  Khopoli is a 30 km ride from Panvel on the Old Bombay-Pune Hihgway.
It is seen from Highways about 1000 meter. Be prepared for a small (and fun) hike across a stream to reach the waterfall base.


Vishal G said...

Dont ever go in non-rainy days as absolutely, there is not even a drop of water...we went there as 2 families and were shocked to know and hear this..absolutely waste of money and time....Believed my cousin blindly...never do it.

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