A day out with family and friends near mumbai

Family and friends one day outing in a virgin location close to Mumbai.

This one day outing is ideal for a family and friends. This can be enjoyed by two persons and or a large groups but a small group of two or three families can have most memorable experience of their life in this outing. This is a virgin location where you will find no crowd. The place has huge green meadows, a large water body, surrounded by hills on three sides, for those who wish to enjoy in water there are clean fresh water streams, and a short trek will take you to a small waterfall hidden in forest.  You will find many species of butterflies and birds in the area. Space Apple offers takes care of your security and safety by providing experienced manpower, equipment and first aid. 

This virgin location is most suitable to relax, unwind and enjoy nature. For adventure activity – we have an inflatable two person kayak and two person raft which you can use in the calm water, We can also provide fishing rods in case you wish to try your hand at fishing. A hammock and a tent will be organized for you.

Recommended gear:
Shoes or sandals in good condition with rubber soles are ideal. In case of shoes you can wear plastic bags over the socks if you want to keep your feet dry. Raincoats are preferred over umbrellas. In case you wear glasses caps will help to keep away raindrops. Full trousers and full sleeves cotton T-shirts will protect you against insects and mosquitoes; carry some rubber bands which can stop any creepy crawlies getting under your trousers.

A set of dry clothes and napkin in a water proof bag will come in handy in case you wish to be dry but remember we may not get any room to change the clothes.
Carry 2 liters of drinking water per person, personal medicines and mosquito repellent. 

We do not provide food nor will you get to buy anything, so carry fruits and dry snacks. Carry these items in a back pack or shoulder bag. Make sure the bag is not too heavy.
Food can be organized if planned a day in advance and if the menu is simple.

How to reach:
By Train: Plan to reach Virar by
8:00 am. Exit from south end of platform no. 1. This is in the west. We will pick you up in our Vehicle and we will proceed to the destination.
By Road: If traveling by your own vehicle. Drive up to Nalasopara phata on the highway and give us a call so we can escort you to the site.

The trek route will depend on rainfall in the region. We expect trekkers to be eco-friendly. Pollution in any form should be avoided. Difficulty level of a trek is very subjective – weather conditions, physical condition, possible health problems and other factors can influence the way you experience the trek.

Samson D'silva
Space Apple
Land: +91 250  2586764
Mob: 9822499281, 9822311459


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