Enjoy paragliding 60km NW of Mumbai

Hi,     To All Flyer and enthusiast 

The flying season is resumed since last week. There are two options for those who wish to explore the sport.

One day orientation course (Rs.3,500/-) with minimum 2 solo flights and proper Basic P1 course for Rs.9,500/-

Drop a mail in case you wish to have some more information.. Check this link for a one day course video: 


Samson D'silva
Space Apple
Land: +91 250  2586764
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Kass Plateau Satara ( Valley of Flower of Maharashtra )

The Kass Plateau is situated in Western Ghats  near Satara. This plateau is well known for its unique biosphere, high hill plateaus and grasslands. During monsoon season, especially in the month of August and start of september, the plateau comes to life, with picturesque view of various types flowers that carpet the floor of the plateau. As per the Forest Department's Board at Kass Plateau, there are more than 150 or more types of flowers, shrubs and grasses found here. The orchids bloom here for a period of 3-4 weeks during this season. Many of the flowers and plants that grow here are carnivorous in nature i.e. insect eaters!! 

Towards the south of the Kas Plateau there is a wonderful lake, which is know as Kass Lake is just like a bowl carved out of the Sahyadri mountains. Further 30 Kms towards the south of Kass Lake are the backwaters of the Koyna Project. Apart from these there are number of other scenic places like caves, picnic spots, boating places, temples etc. which not only attract tourists from India, but also from other parts of the world. 

This place is a hub of scenic beauty, wild life and holy places. To experience complete serenity and heaven on earth, one should visit this place at least once in lifetime

How to reach Kass Plateau

  • BY BUS
    • Mumbai to satara – approx. 5-6 hrs
    • Pune to satara- approx. 2-2.5 hrs.
    • Satara to kas – aprrox 35 min
    • Mumbai to satara- approx. 8hrs
    • Pune to satara- 3.5 hrs to 4 hrs.
    • Satara railway stn to satara st stand 15 min
  • BY AIR
    • Mumbai
Auto rickshaws and cars can be rented from Satara.

ST buses also ply between Satara and Bamnoli at regular intervals.

Getting there: ST and private buses run frequently between Mumbai and Satara but the journey time is a minimum 5 hours. If you take your own vehicle or a private taxi and leave Mumbai before 6am, you can make it in just over 3 hours via the Mumbai Pune Expressway and NH4. A third option is by train – the Koyna Express, though this is an unnecessarily long journey. Hotels range from cheap lodges near the bus station to mid range hotels suited for families, many located on the New Radhika Road; to business hotels.

More Information about Kas visiti http://kaspathar.com

Mother Mary of the Mount ,Bandra

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, more commonly known as Mount Mary, is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Mumbai, India. The church is one of the most visited churches in the city located in the suburb of Bandra. Every September, the feast of St. Mary is celebrated on the Sunday following 8 September, the birthday of the Virgin Mary. This is a week long celebration known as the Bandra Fair and is visited by thousands of people.

Mother Mary pray for All.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church,pray for our priests, nurture their growth and accompany them in their ministry.
Help all those called by your Son, Jesus to say a joyful YES, as you did at the Annunciation.
O gracious Mother pray for all our needs...(mention your petition)
'Hail Mary...'
V/ Mary, Mother of the Word Incarnate
R/ Intercede for us, your beloved children. (3 times)

View Thane from the air with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s Hidden Journeys

The Hidden Journeys Project aims to enliven the flying experience and transform it into a fascinating exploration of the people, places and environments thousands of metres below by providing inspiring information to air travellers about the parts of the world they fly over (www.hiddenjourneys.co.uk).

The latest guide to be released explores the fascinating landscapes of northwest India, covering the fort city of Alwar high in the Aravalli Mountains, the pristine Chambal River, the sacred Narmada River and tribal cultures of Thane along the flight path from Mumbai to Delhi.

India is experiencing one of the most remarkable economic transformations of any nation on Earth. At the heart of this economic evolution are the financial and cultural hubs of Mumbai and Delhi: two ancient cities, brimming with thousands of years of history which now represent a modern India.

However, this economic transformation is evident throughout the rest of the country far from the streets of Delhi and Mumbai. Along the rest of the flight path over northwest India are new environments, people and economies which have developed amongst traditional cultures.

For example as the Indian population's thirst for electricity grows, the sub-continents many rivers have been dammed to generate hydroelectricity such as along the Narmada Valley. Amongst Thane, the most populated district in India just north of Mumbai, traditional Warli paintings adorn building as part of the ancient art form's inclusion into current culture.

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